Entertainment Plus

Xcaret Tour Options

  • Private Xcaret Plus

    Private Xcaret Plus

    Private transportation and PLUS entrance to Xcaret park

    Xcaret Plus entrance with private transportation.  You decide the pickup time at your hotel and we'll whisk you off in your private vehicle to the park.

    from $144 USD

  • Private Xcaret Regular

    Private Xcaret Regular

    Amazing animal, exotic birds, and a night show like no other!

    Interact with nature in this Eco-Park that has everything.  Snorkeling, birds, turtle farm, or you can relax in the hammocks on the beach.

    from $117 USD

  • Xcaret Regular Public

    Xcaret Regular Public

    Great for kids and the whole family!

    This incredible Eco-archeological park where you can spend a marvelous day.  Tons to see in this interactive exotic zoo.

    from$138$109 USD

  • Xcaret PLUS Public

    Xcaret PLUS Public

    Eco-Park Xcaret with PLUS entrance option.

     Xcaret Public tour with added PLUS option that includes buffet.

    from$158$135 USD

  • Private Tulum & Xcaret

    Private Tulum & Xcaret

    Perfect combo of eco-park and ruins!

    Explore the ruins of Tulum, then spend the rest of the day at the Eco-Park Xcaret.  The spectacular night show is included!

    from $124 USD