2x1 Discount Card by Entertainment Plus Cancun

  • 2 X 1 Card

    2 X 1 Card

    Get 2x1 meals at participating restaurants and clubs in Cancun. Each card is $15 and is good for 2 people. We work on the honor system and have several payment methods. There are several ways to get you the card: mail, driver if you order airport transfers, or delivered to your hotel.

    $15 USD

    2x1 Restaurant Card

    List of Participating Restaurants in Cancun.

    I work on the honor system (some laugh & some take advantage but...) I have a simple expectation... you will somehow forward payment, even if do not to use the card. These are your options:

    PayPal is my most popular method. Simple, quick, and secure with over 85 million people worldwide now using it. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

    • Send a check for $15 USD PER CARD to my mother in Canada (made payable to Mrs. M. Boston):

      Mrs. M. Boston
      11604-135 "A" Ave
      Edmonton, Alberta
      T5E 1T4 Canada

      **$0.75 cents postage needed to Canada from USA**
      We offer this option because if it were mailed to Mexico I would never see it.

    • I offer discounts on a wide variety of tours. If you book a tour, odds are we can add the cost of the EP card to the tour. If you need airport transfers we can add the cost of your card(s) to what you would pay the driver upon arrival.

    The Fine Print

    Rule number 1: If dining BEFORE 5pm.

    Purchase a regularly priced entrée & receive a 2nd entrée of equal or lesser value FREE.

    Rule number 2: If dining AFTER 5pm.

    Purchase a regularly priced entrée along with 1 other food item & receive a 2nd entrée of equal or lesser value FREE. You must purchase one extra food item such as an appetizer OR kids meal OR one dessert PER CARD (not per person) to make the discount valid.

    Example of the discount:

    • 2 people after 5 pm order Soup $4, Salad $5, Fajitas $15, Pizza $13.
        You will get the PIZZA for FREE! SAVE $13 dollars!
    • 2 people order Shrimp $19, lobster $35 and share a dessert for $6.
        You will get the SHRIMP for FREE! SAVE $19 dollars!
    • 3 people after 5 pm order 3 Fajitas $15 each.
        You will get 1 FAJITAS for FREE! SAVE $15 dollars!
    • 2 adults and 1 child order Fajitas $15, Pizza $13 and Kids menu $7.
        You will get the Pizza for FREE. SAVE $13 dollars!

    General rules:

    • 1 FREE entree per card, per visit. Use the card as often as you wish.
    • Minimum of 2 people per card.
    • Present card BEFORE ordering. If using more than 1 card at a table ask for separate checks.
    • The tip is NOT included & should be determined BEFORE the discount.
    • NOT valid on specials of the day nor any combos for 2 people.
    • NOT valid with other promotions, coupons, drinks, kids menus or take out.
    • NOT valid for lobster, food items containing lobster or buffets unless stated on the on the Printable List